A Drive in the Texas Hill Country
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A Drive in the Texas Hill Country

So, I took a long drive in the Hill Country today.  It was a gorgeous day after a week of rain.  I took the wife and dog and we enjoyed the day. The last of the wild flowers were in bloom and everything was spring time green.  We are just at the beginning of heat in Texas the high was 91 and while the low was 53 it was at least 80 when we left the house.

We went to Johnson City for breakfast tacos and then to Fredericksburg for some antiquing and lunch.   I had bacon and egg tocos for breakfast and jagerschnitzel for lunch.  I bought a little end table at an antique shop in Fredericksburg.  We drove about an half hour north of Fredericksburg just to see the flowers and to burn up some battery.

I started with about 90% battery and finished with about 20%.  Total of 165 miles and used up 49.3 kWh.  Got 92% propulsion and 8% climate control.  Driving the extra hour round trip north of Fredericksburg, I could drive much of the time at 70 mph.  That and the hilliness really had an impact on the miles per kWh.  I think I was getting a low of about 2.7 m/kWh. Overall I got close to 3.4; but, the trip back to Blanco from Fredericksburg was on Texas ranch roads so the speeds were pretty low (about 55-60), though very hilly.

The climate control worked really well. I turned it on auto and both heat and AC came on. So, I turned off the heat and put the air up on the dash vents.  (Anybody know where it goes if you don't pick?)  I was a little warm all day and my wife was a little cool, so it worked as well as I could expect.  (Warm enough for her and cool enough for me is not on any temperature scale.)

All in all, it increased my confidence in the Guess-o-meter and my understanding of the range of the vehicle.  It also made my wife happy and I enjoyed it a lot.

Our next adventure may be a very long trip to North Carolina to visit my folks; if, we can get everything worked out.